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Videos:Waterview Connection 4 of 4

Watch the Waterview Connection 4 introductory video:

Introduction to Waterview Connection 4 - Cycleways and our transport networks from LEARNZ on Vimeo.

Tuesday 27 June

1. Making Connections With Shared Pathways 

Take a walk along the Waterview Shared Path and find out why this path is an important part of the Waterview Connection Project.

2. Bridging Communities 

Talk with Marcus from Auckland Transport about how working with local residents and interest groups has helped shape the Waterview Shared Path

3. The Pink Path 

Travel back into the centre of Auckland to see a different kind of shared path and look at how its design has helped encourage cycling and walking in the city.

4. Quay Street Cycleway 

Discover how cycleways are monitored and how they can be created alongside busy roads.

Wednesday 28 June

1. Cycle Safety at Point Chevalier School

Take part in a cycle safety training course at Point Chevalier School and see how students check their bikes to ensure they are road worthy.

2. Putting the Share into Shared Paths

Meet Simon the Cycle and Walkways Co-ordinator at Auckland Transport and see how to use shared paths responsibly.

3. Benefits of Shared Paths

Cycling and walking are not just good for your health, find out about some of the other benefits of using shared paths to get to where you want to go.

4. Designing and Building Alford Street Bridge

Discover the design concepts behind the Alford Street Bridge on the Waterview Shared Path and find out how these designs became a reality in a challenging environment.

Thursday 29 June

1. Electric Bikes

Meet up with Alan after his morning commute on an electric bike and find out how these bikes work and what's different about this particular bike.

2. Electric Cars

Take a look inside an electric vehicle. See how it differs from traditional cars and find out more about the benefits these vehicles can provide.

3. Vehicle Efficiency

Walk alongside State Highway 16 on the shared path and see some of the different vehicles being used. Discover how choosing the right vehicle for the right job can improve efficiency.

4. The Future of Our Transport Networks

Think about how our transport networks may look in the future. Discover how our own choices and technology may affect the way we are able to travel.

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