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A grouping of people who agree to work together.

Something that is useful or has value for example, a house is an asset; good health is a great asset.

closed circuit camera
Video cameras that send a signal to one place (closed circuit television - CCTV) rather than broadcast the signal (as in broadcast television). Closed circuit cameras are usually used for security and monitoring purposes.

cut and cover
A simple method of construction for shallow tunnels where a trench is excavated and roofed over with an overhead support system strong enough to carry the load of what is to be built above the tunnel.

economic growth
The increase in value of goods and services of a country. Often measured by the ‘gross domestic product’ (GDP) as an annual percentage.

green corridor
Areas of natural vegetation in between man-made activities or structures (such as roads) that are connected and enable wildlife populations to move along them.

Computer modelling means using a computer to ‘model’ situations to see how they are likely to work out if you do different things.

A dual-carriageway road designed for fast traffic, with relatively few places for joining or leaving.

national identity
Sense of belonging to one state or to one nation, a feeling one shares with a group of people.

Entrance to a tunnel

A part of a town designated for a particular use e.g. a shopping precinct.

retaining wall
A wall built to keep earth or water in place e.g. a house built on a hill might have a retaining wall to keep the soil from sliding down on to the house.

Human and domestic waste matter from buildings, especially houses, that is carried away through sewer pipes.

State Highways
Major national roads in a network. They consist of SH 1 running the length of both islands; SH 2-5 and 10-58 in the North Island, and SH 6-8 and 60-99 in the South Island. State highways are marked by red shield-shaped signs with white numbering.

Tunnel Boring Machine or TBM
A machine used to bore out earth to create a tunnel. It also lines the tunnel with concrete segments as it moves through the hole it has cut.

Brought together to form a single unit.

urban design
The layout of part of an urban area, such as a park or area of roads and their surroundings, chosen by experts to best fit in with the needs of the community and natural environment.