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Videos: Waterview Connection 3 of 4

Introduction to Waterview Connection 3

Introduction to Waterview Connection 3 from LEARNZ on Vimeo.

Tuesday 13 September

1. Breakthrough

Drive to the entrance of the southern Waterview Connection tunnel and talk to Alain, a project engineer, about the completion of the second tunnel and Alice the Tunnel Boring Machine's final breakthrough.

2. Inside a cross passage

Drive into the tunnel and walk through one of the 16 cross passages to find out what are the purpose of these passages and why they are so important.

3. Tunnel safety systems

Meet with Mechanical and Electrical Engineer David Taylor to find out what services the tunnels will need and what safety systems have been fitted.

4. Goodbye Alice

On the first Waterview Connection field trip you met Alice the Tunnel Boring Machine, on the second field trip you saw how Alice was turned around to start the second tunnel, now you can see how she was dismantled so her parts can be recycled.

Wednesday 14 September

1. Turning playground designs into reality

Meet Al Rigby, a landscape architect, and students from Waterview School to see how they have helped make their imaginary dream playground a reality.

2. Waterview skate park

Talk to Al about how a skate park, BMX track and shared pathways have been designed and built as part of the Waterview Connection Project.

3. Designs by nature

See how urban designers are inspired by nature and take a closer look at some of the design features around the Waterview Connection.

4. Bridging communities

Walk out on to the Hendon footbridge which since recording this video earlier today has been renamed Te Whitinga - The Crossing. Find out more about the significance of this bridge.

5. Transforming Oakley Creek

Meet Hannah who is an Environmental Scientist and see how Oakley Creek has been transformed to provide a better habitat for wildlife.

Thursday 15 September

1. Guided Tunnel Tour

Meet Ewart Barnsley and take a tour through one of the Waterview Connection tunnels.

2. The Missing Link

Discover why the Waterview Connection was built and how it will impact not only on Auckland but also on New Zealand.

3. Tunnel Maintenance

Talk to Tunnel Operations Manager Emilio Marguez about how the Waterview Connection tunnels will be maintained.

4. Field Trip Summary

Take some time at the end of the field trip to reflect on what you have learned and revisit the first two Waterview Connection virtual field trips.

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