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Waterview Connection 4 - cycleways and our transport networks

Field Trip 4 of 4: 27-29 June 2017

Waterview Shared Path

Welcome to Waterview Connection, a series of four virtual field trips between 2014 and 2017. These field trips are supported by the NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) - there is more material on the NZTA Education Portal. The fourth field trip is from 27-29 June 2017. Enrol now.


Map of Waterview Shared Path

Want to know what cycling and New Zealand's largest roading project have in common? Join us on the final Waterview Connection field trip to find out. Waterview Connection is more than just a roading project and includes shared paths for cyclists and pedestrians and will help connect communities.

Waterview Connection is a project of national significance and is the largest roading project this country has ever seen. This project includes the Waterview Connection tunnels, Great North Road Interchange, new roads to complete the Western Ring Route and shared paths.

During this field trip you will see how the Waterview Shared Path has been designed to maximise its use and discover more about the role of cycleways in providing reliable and healthy ways to travel into the future. You will see how Auckland Transport (AT) is helping to create a cycle friendly city and how this can benefit both people and the environment. You will look at how technology and research are used to create safe and efficient cycleways. You will also disocver how you can use cycleways safely and have your say about new cycleways in your own community.




You will fly into Auckland airport. To get to the city centre you will take the first part of the Western Ring Route, State Highway 20, until it comes to an end. That's where this field trip starts! You will walk along part of the Waterview Shared Path and meet experts from Auckland Transport who are designing this path and others throughout Auckland to help people get off the road and on to a bike.

Field Trip Plan - June 2017

Monday 26 June

Day 1

Travel Day

  • Read the diary about the journey from Dunedin to Auckland to begin the final Waterview Connection field trip. Read about Alvin the LEARNZ ambassador.

Tuesday 27 June

Day 2

Shared Pathways

  • Meet experts from Auckland Transport and find out what shared pathways are. Watch the videos to see how shared paths are designed and built and read the diary to find out more about some of the shared paths in Auckland. Read about Alvin the LEARNZ ambassador and listen to the recorded web conference.

Wednesday 28 June

Day 3

Cycle Safety

  • Complete a cycle safety course at Point Chevalier School and watch the videos to find out how to use a shared path responsibly. Read the diary about reducing traffic congestion and encouraging people to cycle. Listen to the recording of the web conference and read about Alvin the LEARNZ ambassador.

Thursday 29 June

Day 4

The future of transport networks

  • Read the diary about the future of our transport networks. Watch the videos to discover more about electric bikes and cars. Read about Alvin the LEARNZ ambassador and listen to the recorded web conference.

What's New

Monday 26 June Newsletter 3 was sent to all enrolled classes.
Friday 2 June email shelley.hersey@core-ed.org to book your web conference so your students can ask questions live during the field trip.
Friday 2 June Take a look at what will happen on the fourth and final Waterview Connection field trip in June 2017 and read the new background pages.
31 May 2017 Check out the third Waterview Connection field trip from 2016.

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