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Meet Alison Craigie


Site Engineer.

Job description: 

Helping to develop a safe and workable plan before construction starts and ensuring that the plan is carried out once construction commences. Keeping the Project/Section Engineer up to date with progress, effectively communicating the plan to all relevant parties and keeping quality records as well as keeping track of costs.

Work background: 

I have been working at the Northern end of Waterview for almost 2 and a half years. I have been involved with a range of structures from columns to abutments, tabletop crossheads, bridge decks and barriers. I started at Waterview straight from graduating University but while studying I completed a three month student internship at the Victoria Park Tunnel project.

Favourite part of job: 

It would have to be the people. Getting to work as part of a great team who are all striving towards the same goal. Being able to see the physical progress and knowing that I helped contribute to getting it done is also a great feeling. I also really enjoy the technical element of the job. Getting to look at detailed plans and knowing them inside out. 

Least favourite part of job: 

I don’t really have a least favourite part of the job but if I had to choose something it would be that we sometimes have to work out in the freezing cold, rain and wind. 

What I am working on now: 

I am currently working on the completion of one of the Great North Road Interchange bridges which is in the middle of the SH16 motorway. It includes a very complicated 25m long, 150T beam that will be precast on site and then lifted into position.

A quick story about a job well done: 

The install of the massive tabletop forms on night shift. It was extremely well planned by the section engineer, very complex, it was a different lift being completed for the first time and everything went smoothly.

A (humorous) story about a job that went badly and what you learned: 

Understrength concrete delivered from Firth that all had to be broken out. Learnt a lot about what happens when things go wrong and changing the plan to make the new situation work for us as best as possible.


Bachelor of Civil and Environmental Engineering (hons).

Interests outside work: 

Surf life saving, netball and squash. 

Meet Alison Craigie a Site Engineer with the Well Connected Alliance. Image: NZTA.

Alison at work on a Great North Road Interchange bridge. Image: NZTA.