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Interactive, self-marking activities

These activities test domain knowledge from the Background pages and assist students to develop higher levels of inquiry. 

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Other activities

Curriculum AreaStrandBackground PagesLearning OutcomeActivity

Social Studies
Level 3-5

Place and Environment
Continuity and Change
Identity, Culture and Organisation

  • Use map reading skills
  • Use google maps to answer questions about location
  • Develop awareness of how and when geospatial information is used
  • Read, model and use topographic maps


CurriculumStrandBackground PagesLearning OutcomesActivity

Level 3-4

Level 5-6

Number and Algebra



  • Students will be able to apply number strategies and number knowledge to a range of problems related to their LEARNZ virtual field trip
  • Students will be able to apply laws of trignometry to a surveying context

More Things to Try

  • Diaries and journals; keep your own field trip diary - Word (13k) | PDF (274k) | Google Doc.
  • Web Quest. This print-and-copy task helps students become familiar with the Land, Sky and Space website functions. It also assists students with their inquiry skills, particularly information gathering and asking good questions. Students need to have an internet connection and their class login - Word (227k) | PDF (684k) | Google Doc.
  • Web conference activity. Students can work on this activity while they listen to live or recorded web conferences - Word (25k) | PDF (167k) | Google Doc. Notes from these pages could be shared to help put together the class web conference summary.
  • Web conference summary template Word (29k) | PDF (113k) | Google Doc.
  • A simple activity for students to build connections between words and improve their vocabulary. Students could enter words from the field trip glossary into http://graphwords.com/.

Post field trip activity

How much have I learnt? - Word | PDF | Google doc