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Field Trip 2 - May 2014

This LEARNZ Memorial Park 2 virtual field trip begins with Prepare Students which gets your class ready for the field trip. Teachers, look for your section on the left-side menu of this site called Teacher Support.

Content for this second field trip is for 12-15 May 2014.

For more about the Field Trip Plan - go to Field Trip Home.

Field Trip 2 Plan - May 2014

Monday 12 May Travel Day. Join Andrew and the ambassadors as you make your way from the Far North to Wellington. During the journey, Andrew will photograph and write about some of the interesting features of the road and air trip. Read Andrew's diary about the trip from Kerikeri to Wellington. See what the ambassadors enjoyed about their day. View the panorama for Monday.

Tuesday 13 May

Strength and resilience. Concreting of the tunnel floor section of the underpass is complete and so are most of the walls. Pouring of the concrete roof spans is now under way. Be on site early for a busy morning as you get up close to a coordinated concrete pour of the roof span. The tunnel is planned to withstand a 1-in-2500 year earthquake. Find out how steel reinforcement is being used to make the tunnel especially resilient. Get the questions listen to today's audioconference recordingsWatch the videos for Tuesday and answer the questions. Read Andrew's diary for Tuesday. See what the ambassadors had to say about their day. View the panoramas for Tuesday.
Wednesday 14 May Heritage and environment. Preserving heritage is a key part of this project. Visit the Home of Compassion Crèche. See how this historic building is being protected and strengthened so it can be relocated fifteen metres to become part of the National War Memorial Park. See how the latest environmental impacts are being managed with GIS mapping and smart drainage design. Get the questions listen to today's audioconference recordingsWatch the videos for Wednesday and answer the questions. Read Andrew's diary for Wednesday. See what the ambassadors learned from their day. View the panoramas for Wednesday.
Thursday 15 May Community and careers. Consulting and involving the Wellington community has been an important part of the National War Memorial Park and Underpass. A large number of people have also been employed to help make this massive project a success. Visit a local school to see how staff and students have been involved in the Memorial Park. Meet a wide range of workers that are needed and explore the range of career paths that are available when working on a big construction project such as this. Get the questions listen to today's audioconference recordings. Watch the videos for Thursday and answer the questions. Read Andrew's diary for Thursday. See what the ambassadors have to say about their field trip experience. View the panoramas for Thursday.

The field trip experience for Memorial Park 2 is made up of a number of components which take place from Tuesday 13 May to Thursday 15 May 2014. All the links for Field Trip 2 components in the table below go to pages that are updated daily during the field trip. They remain on this website and can be used after the date of the live field trip.

Field Trip 2
May 2014



Classes can send an ambassador (small toy) on the field trip with the LEARNZ Field Trip teacher. Daily ambassador updates can be read by all classes.


For enrolled classes, students can log in and post their own questions on a Web Board to be answered by the field trip experts. For this special series of field trips from late 2013 until early 2015 Ask-an-Expert will be kept open, apart from school holidays. Once it has finally closed, the Ask-an-Expert link will go to a new page which has a selection of questions and answers from the field trip Web Board.


Students speak to put questions live to experts who are on location during the field trip. Audioconferences can also be listened to live via the Internet audiostream or from a recording.


The LEARNZ Field Trip Teacher writes a detailed diary for students to read, accompanied by 10 captioned images for each day of the field trip - including the travel day on Monday.

Experts and Careers

Students meet each expert involved in this field trip via a profile page and short video. Potential career and training paths can also be explored on these pages.


Wide format images that help students familiarise themselves with the location of the field trip. Captions containing questions generate focus and inquiry.

Photo Gallery

All website and field trip photos are available in one easy-to-use location, where students can browse, enlarge, read captions and select to further their interest and learning.


Short, curriculum-rich videos with questions and answers are made on each day of the field trip and uploaded in the evening for viewing the following day.