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Tuesday 19 November

Each day of the field trip, the LEARNZ Team shoot, edit and upload curriculum-rich videos which help students to feel right up close to the action.

For help and more information about LEARNZ videos, go to Help with Videos in the LEARNZ Support section.

1. The history of Mount Cook/Pukeahu - download (43Mb mp4) or watch on Vimeo.
Come inside the Memorial Park Information Centre in Mount Cook/Pukeahu and learn about the history of the area.

  1. What makes this area good for defense? 
  2. How did Māori use this area?
  3. What are some of the artefacts that have been found here?

Next step learning: Find out how the suburb of Mount Cook has changed over the last 100 years.

2. A vision for Memorial Park - download (67Mb mp4) or watch on Vimeo.
Meet the Minister for Culture and Heritage, Chris Finlayson, and find out about what the vision for Memorial Park is and how it came about.

  1. What was supposed to be built by the National War Memorial back in the 1930s?
  2. Who is buried in front of the Carillon?
  3. Why did Buckle Street (part of State Highway 1) need to be moved?

Next step learning: What do you think of the design drawings for Memorial Park, if you could, what might you change?

3. Memorial Park construction - download (50Mb mp4) or watch on Vimeo.
Join Shelley and Project Engineer Cole Meiring outside the National War Memorial to find out more about how the underpass and park will be constructed

  1. How many stages are there in the construction process and what is the first stage?
  2. What is an underpass?
  3. What is an alliance?

Next step learning: Draw a timeline to show the main stages of construction for the Buckle Street underpass and Memorial Park.

4. Exploring the National War Memorial - download (76Mb mp4) or watch on Vimeo.
Get your safety gear on and get ready to explore the National War Memorial.

  1. Who does the unknown warrior represent?
  2. What is the Hall of Memories?
  3. What are the bells in the Carillon for?

Next step learning: This Carillon is the third largest in the world, in what other countries are there Carillons?

5. Being a good neighbour - download (33Mb mp4) or watch on Vimeo.
Have a look over the construction site and find out what has been done to reduce the impacts of this project on local people.

  1. What are some of the impacts that the Memorial Park Alliance has to think about?
  2. How is Mount Cook School protected?
  3. What has happened to the underground services in this area?

Next step learning: Why would it be important for the Memorial Park Alliance to keep the public informed about what is going on at the construction site?

Wednesday 20 November

1. Challenges on the ground - download (37Mb mp4 ) or watch on Vimeo.
Get your safety gear on and join Emma Beech, a Geotechnical Engineer in the trench to find out about some of the construction challenges.

  1. Why is it important to know about the soil types under the ground?
  2. How do engineers know about different soil layers?
  3. How does groundwater affect construction?

Next step learning: How do you think modern technology helps to overcome construction challenges and can you give any examples?

2. Designing retaining walls - download (34Mb mp4) or watch on Vimeo.
Look up at the trench walls and see how they have been designed to stay strong and support the trench.

  1. What two main things needed to be considered when designing the retaining walls?
  2. What happens if the groundwater level drops?
  3. What are the two designs and why are they needed?

Next step learning: Find a retaining wall near you and see how it has been built.

3. Shifting services - download (35Mb mp4) or watch on Vimeo.
Meet Site Engineer Tom Knight and see how services are shifted out of the way to make way for construction.

  1. What services need to be moved?
  2. How are these services moved?
  3. Are there any services that have not been moved?

Next step learning: How do you think the engineers know where the services are under the ground?

4. Building a strong wall - download (29Mb mp4) or watch on Vimeo.
Walk down to the other end of the trench and see how the retaining wall has been built.

  1. Where did the excavation start?
  2. Why is this temporary wall needed?
  3. How will the tunnel be anchored down?

Next step learning: Make a model of the underpass and Memorial Park.

5. Digging the trench - download (23Mb mp4) or watch on Vimeo.
Watch the excavating of the trench and find out more about how much material has been removed from the area.

  1. What was done before the excavating started?
  2. How many truck and trailer loads of earth were removed and how long has this taken?
  3. How will water be drained from the tunnel?

Next step learning: Find out where else cut and cover tunnels have been constructed in New Zealand.

Thursday 21 November

1. Stormwater on site - download (30Mb mp4) or watch on Vimeo.
Meet Karly Sheilds, a Civil Engineer with the Memorial Park Alliance and find out about stormwater on site and what happens to it.

  1. Where does the stormwater come from?
  2. What happens to the stormwater on site?
  3. Why does the water need treating?

Next step learning: Why is it important to manage stormwater on site?

2. Treating stormwater - download (38Mb mp4) or watch on Vimeo.
Climb up on to the Sediment treatment unit to find out how stormwater is treated.

  1. How is sediment removed?
  2. What is pH?
  3. How does water on site get a high pH and how is it treated?

Next step learning: Design an experiment to test for sediment in a waterway near you.

3. Clifton Terrace Model School and Memorial Park - download (30Mb mp4) or watch on Vimeo.
Meet some students from Clifton Terrace Model School in Wellington and find out about their work on Memorial Park.

  1. What have the students made?
  2. What is the scale they have used?
  3. Why do these students think the new park will be a good thing?

Next step learning: Make your own model of the underpass and park.

4. Managing groundwater - download (32Mb mp4) or watch on Vimeo.
Talk to Michelle Knappstein about what groundwater is and how it is managed on site.

  1. What is groundwater?
  2. How has the trench changed the way groundwater flows through this area?
  3. How is groundwater monitored on the site?

Next step learning: What could happen if groundwater was not managed on the construction site?

5. Field trip summary - download (35Mb mp4) or watch on Vimeo.
Take some time to reflect on what you have learnt during the field trip.

  1. What has been your favourite part of the field trip and why?
  2. Which expert would you like to talk more with and what would you ask them?
  3. Help your teacher to fill in the online evaluation for this field trip and go in the draw to win the evaluation prize.