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Smart Motorways

Field Trip 2 of 2: 1-3 March 2016

Smart Motorways.

Welcome to Smart Motorways, a series of two virtual field trips in 2015 and 2016 focusing on technology, social science and sustainability. We all rely on well formed roads to get where we're going easily, safely and with less congestion. During this field trip you will see how a motorway can be designed and made smart so people can arrive at their destinations safely, more quickly and with less stress! Smart motorways also help reduce fuel costs and lower carbon emissions from vehicles as they travel more efficiently.

This trip fits well with big ideas like transport, community, citizenship, economic development, teamwork, sustainability, energy, and national identity. We'd love to get your students involved with this nationally significant project. The second field trip is from 1-3 March 2016.

These two field trips are supported by the NZ Transport Agency (NZTA). There is more material on the NZTA Education Portal.


Smart Motoways is a pilot project of national significance which is taking place on Wellington's Northern Corridor. You will meet experts on site, see how the project is being carried out and see lots of different technology in action.


You will fly into Wellington airport, then drive on State Highway 1 through the Mount Victoria Tunnel, past the Basin Reserve, through the new Arras Tunnel under the Pukeahu National Memorial Park, through the Terrace Tunnel and on to the Ngauranga Gorge. Ngauranga to Aotea Quay is the busiest road in the Wellington region carrying over 90,000 vehicles per day. 

You have special permission to visit the control centre for the motorway and, after your induction, to visit the construction sites along the busy motorway. 

Field Trip Plan - March 2016

Monday 29 February

Travel Day

  • Join Shelley and the ambassadors as they travel from Dunedin to Wellington to begin the second Smart Motorways field trip.
  • Read Shelley's diary

Tuesday 1 March

Progress updates and construction

Wednesday 2 March

Creating roads for people not just cars

  • Discover more about the research behind the Smart Motorway and how members of the public have influenced the design.
  • Read Shelley's diary
  • Listen to the audioconference recording
  • Watch today's videos

Thursday 3 March

Smart Technology for a Smart Motorway

  • Meet the people who have developed the smarts to run the Smart Motorway and see how technology is helping improve driver safety and travel times.
  • Read Shelley's diary
  • Listen to the audioconference recording
  • Watch today's videos

What's New

Monday 7 March

Complete your field trip evaluation by 1 April and go in the draw to win $500 worth of book vouchers kindly donated by NZTA.

Friday 12 February

Carry out a survey to learn more about driver behaviour and educating drivers about the new smart motorway.

Take a look at how to complete this survey and follow the link to the online survey which students can use to survey drivers.

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