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Videos: Resilience to natural hazards

Watch the introductory video for the Finding Resilience field trip: 

Introduction to Finding Resilience - the technology behind locating and responding to natural hazards from LEARNZ on Vimeo.

Tuesday 29 August

1. Mapping Wellington's Fault - Watch on Vimeo.

Meet Rob Langridge an Earthquake Geologist from GNS Science and stand on the Wellington Fault. Find out how fault lines are mapped using aerial photographs and LIDAR, and how this information can be used. Check out the interactive maps of the NZ Active Faults Database.

2. Geonet Monitoring System - Watch on Vimeo.

Take a look around the GNS Science office in Avalon and see how GeoNet works. Look at how earthquakes are monitored and discover how many earthquakes there have been today. Get the GeoNet app.

3. Smart Technology for Earthquake Response - Watch on Vimeo.

Meet Bax and Alex from Wellington City Council and see how they are using technology to model earthquakes and respond to their impacts.

4. Measuring Land Movement - Watch on Vimeo.

Talk to surveyor Nic Donnelly about his work following earthquakes. Look at how land can move during a large earthquake and see how this information is used.

Wednesday 30 August

1. Tsunami Evacuation Maps - Watch on Vimeo.

Meet William, a tsunami scientist from GNS Science and find out what triggers tsunami. Look at which areas are at risk from tsunami and discover how tsunami evacuation zones are mapped.

2. Tsunami Warning Network - Watch on Vimeo.

Come down to the waterfront in Wellington and see how tsunami are monitored using tide gauges. See how this information is shared.

3. Smart City Preparation for Tsunami - Watch on Vimeo.

Put on a head set and try the new 3D city virtual reality to see how Wellington might be affected by natural hazards such as tsunami.

4. Tsunami Mapping with Owhiro Bay School - Watch on Vimeo.

Meet students from Owhiro Bay School and take a look at where to go if there is a tsunami.

Thursday 31 August

1. Identifying and Mapping Flood Risk Areas in Wellington - Watch on Vimeo.

Travel to Lower Hutt and wander down to the Hutt River. Talk to Sharyn, an engineer from the Regional Council, about how flood-prone areas are identified and mapped.

2. Measuring Floods - Watch on Vimeo.

Meet Mike the hydrologist and see the tools used to measure river and rainfall levels. Discover how this information is used to help reduce the damage floods can cause.

3. Using the Past for Maps of Today - Watch on Vimeo.

Look back in time at Petone Settlers Museum and see how the area has changed. Find out what lessons the past can teach us.

4. Flood Hazard Mapping at Naenae College - Watch on Vimeo.

Complete a mapping activity with students from Naenae College to find out which parts of Wellington could be affected by floods.