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Finding Resilience

Wellington City

Welcome to Finding Resilience - the technology behind locating and responding to natural hazards. Explore places around Wellington that are hazard-prone. Find out what information people and organisations need to recover quickly from emergencies and how this information is gathered. This field trip is supported by Land Information New Zealand (LINZ)The field trip is from 29-31 AugustEnrol now



Like many places in New Zealand, Wellington is at risk from a number of natural hazards. During this field trip, you will visit places around Wellington that are hazard-prone and find out about the data people and organisations need to respond to, and recover quickly, from emergencies. You will look at where to go if there is a tsunami and how tsunami maps are made. You will take a closer look at where fault lines are in Wellington and how these are identified, measured and mapped. You will also go to the Hutt River to see evidence of previous floods, look at how floods are measured and see how technology is used to manage flood impacts.

Following the field trip you will be able to relate what you learned about Wellington to your own location. You will see how to use technology to find out where natural hazards exist, the areas they may affect and assess your own risk for earthquakes, tsunami and floods. You will see what apps and maps you could use to be more resilient to natural hazards and recover quickly from possible future events.

Meet Shelley the LEARNZ field trip teacher

Meet Shelley the LEARNZ field trip teacher

Watch the introductory video on Vimeo.


Wellington is the capital city of New Zealand and prone to natural hazards such as earthquakes, tsunami and floods. Wellington needs to be prepared for natural disasters and resilient to their effects to reduce local impacts and impacts on New Zealand's economy.

During your field trip to Wellington you will explore areas that have been identified as being at risk from earthquakes, tsunami or floods and see how location based information is being used to assess and manage these risks.

Field Trip Plan - August 2017

Monday 28 August

Travel Day

  • Read the diary about the travel day where Shelley and Alvin the LEARNZ ambassador journey from Dunedin to Wellington to begin the Finding Resilience field trip.
Tuesday 29 August
Day 1


  • Read the diary about the Wellington Fault and and how faults are identified, measured and mapped. Watch the videos to see how Wellington is working to improve its resilience to earthquakes. Read Alvin the LEARNZ ambassador's update. Listen to the recording of the web conference.
Wednesday 30 August
Day 2


  • Watch the videos to discover where tsunami may affect Wellington. Read the diary to find out what causes tsunami and how they are monitored. Listen to the recorded web conference and read Alvin the LEARNZ ambassador's update.

Thursday 31 August
Day 3


  • Read the diary about how to measure, model and map floods. Watch the videos about identifying flood hazards. Listen to a recording of the web conference. Read about Alvin the LEARNZ ambassador.
Monday 31 July The Finding Resilience background pages and their easy reading versions and student activities are now online.