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Videos are filmed on the day and edited overnight. Videos will be linked to here during the Where are we? field trip from 14-16 June 2016.

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Video question sheet - Word (31k) | PDF (217k) | Google doc to use for each video (based on SOLO Taxonomy).

Introduction to Where Are We? - navigating and positioning on sea, land and air from LEARNZ on Vimeo.

Tuesday 14 June

1. Nautical Charts. Watch on Vimeo.

Collect your tickets and make your way on to the Kaitaki Interislander ferry sailing from Wellington to Picton. Gain special permission and make your way to the bridge to find out more about nautical paper charts from nautical cartographer Jennifer Coppola.

2. Electronic Nautical Charts. Watch on Vimeo.

Meet Richard the Captain of Kaitaki and see how he uses electronic charts to navigate Cook Strait. Discover how these charts make sailing easier and safer.

3. More Navigation Technology On Board Kaitaki. Watch on Vimeo.

See how other forms of technology are used to navigate Cook Strait and how ships can be tracked.

4. Smart Apps to Find Your Way. Watch on Vimeo.

Talk to Jennifer from LINZ about some apps that have been developed to help mariners. See how you can contribute to these apps and add your own observations.

5. Unfolding the Map. Watch on Vimeo.

Explore the Unfolding the Map exhibition at the National Library in Wellington and see how nautical charts have developed since they were first made hundreds of years ago.

Wednesday 15 June

1. Train Control. Watch on Vimeo.

Walk to the Wellington Central Railway Station and sign in at the KiwiRail office, then spend sometime exploring Train Control. Discover more about the important work which is done at this centre.

2. Locating Locomotives Using GPS. Watch on Vimeo.

Talk to Colin Vickery, a train control manager, and find out how GPS is used to locate and track trains.

3. DAS Driver Advisory System. Watch on Vimeo.

Learn about how GPS is being used in a new application to make trains run more efficiently.

4. GIS and KiwiRail. Watch on Vimeo.

Talk to Paul Shivnan, a GIS Manager with KiwiRail, to find out what GIS is and how it is used to manage property and solve problems.

Thursday 16 June

1. Flight Planning with Life Flight TrustWatch on Vimeo.

Drive out to Wellington Airport and meet staff from the Life Flight Trust. Complete your safety induction then talk to John the pilot about how he completes his flight plan.

2. Tools for Air NavigationWatch on Vimeo.

See the tools that John uses to navigate while flying and find out about visual and instrument flight rules.

3. In the Air with Life FlightWatch on Vimeo.

Take a seat in the fixed-wing aircraft, taxi down the run way and take off for a flight around Wellington to discover more about aeronautical navigation.

4. Continuously Operating Reference StationsWatch on Vimeo.

Meet Dionne Hansen, a geodetic surveyor with LINZ and find out what GPS is and why New Zealand has a network of Continuously Operating Reference Stations.

5. Make Your Own MapsWatch on Vimeo.

Watch as Duanne Wilkins shows you how he has mapped the journeys we have made each day during the field trip and how you can make maps like this and show them on Google Earth.

6. Field Trip SummaryWatch on Vimeo.

Take some time at the end of the field trip to think about what you have learned and what this makes you wonder.