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After Field Trip

There's a lot you and your class can do to round out your LEARNZ virtual field trip experience.

  • Reflect by filling out the Evaluation Form and go in the Prize Draw
  • Share learning for this field trip on the LEARNZ Group on the VLN
  • Email the LEARNZ Teacher shelley.hersey@core-ed.org
    • an audioconference summary done by your class
    • photos of students' work (no last names visible please)
    • a link to your class blog showing learning from the field trip
  • Skim the field trip Newsletters
  • Other Suggestions
    • go on a class field trip or other visit
    • invite a visiting speaker to your class or school assembly
    • do a class presentation eg at assembly or parent evening

Thanks for taking part and contributing.

Have a look on the Field Trip Chooser for your next LEARNZ virtual field trip.