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Videos: River restoration

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Tuesday 28 July

The Value of Awa to Mana Whenua

Come down to the Waikanae Awa and talk to Luke about the value of this awa to mana whenua. Discover what this awa provides and why we should all look after it.

Invertebrates in the Waikanae River

Drive up into the hills to explore the upper Waikanae River catchement and discover more about the critters that live in this awa.

Searching for Freshwater Fish

Get your waders on and venture into the Muaupoko Stream to check the fish traps that were set yesterday. Find out how these traps are set and what the catch of the day might tell us about the health of the awa.

The Waikanae Water Treatment Plant

Climb up on to a tower overlooking the Waikanae Water Treatment Plant and talk to Bruce the plant manager about how water from the Waikanae River is treated to provide people with safe drinking.

Wednesday 29 July

River Threats

Join Amanda from the Greater Wellington Regional Council down by the Waikanae Awa. See a model of a catchment and what happens when it rains, then find out more about the threats to our rivers.

Ideas for Monitoring Water Quality

Hunt for invertebrates in the Waikanae River and find out what they can tell us about the health of the awa. Look at other methods for monitoring your local awa.

Preparing for Flood Risk

Find out why floods are a major hazard in Aotearoa and what can be done to prepare for flooding.

River Flood Management

See how floods can be managed through structures, land use changes, and planting alongside waterways.

Thursday 30 July 

Waikanae Reserve

Welcome to the Waikanae Estuary Scientific Reserve. Talk to Robin about what makes this a special place and how it has changed over time.

Waikanae Estuary Care Group Nursery

Come into the nursery to find out how seeds are eco-sourced to grow in the estuary.

Let's Get Planting

Get your gumboots, gloves and shovel and come and help plant some native seedlings in the Waikanae Scientific Reserve. See how to do your own restoration planting.

River Restoration Plans and Challenges

Talk to Robin about the threats to the Waikanae Estuary and how these are managed to help restore the river ecosystem.

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