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PLD Webinars and Web Conferences

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Field trip Webconferences (formerly Audioconferences)

Note: For the webconference timetable for a field trip, go to that field trip and click Webconferences on the left-side menu and you will see the times for taking part live and links to the recordings. To take part live, use the same instructions as below.

Teacher PLD Sessions

The following webinars (webconferences) go over how the field trip will operate and provide a chance for teachers to put questions to the LEARNZ Teacher. The webinars use the same platform, Zoom, as the webconferences (formerly audioconferences) during field trips. Dates for PLD webinars are included on the LEARNZ Events Calendar and also described in detail below.

2020 PLD

  • NEW. For Term 1 covering Getting started with LEARNZ, and upcoming field trips Explore Outdoors, Sustainable Seas, Climate Change, River Restoration.
    Tuesday 11 February 2020 at 3:30pm
    Replay the recording - https://vimeo.com/390649465 (20 minutes).

How to take part: How to take part in LEARNZ field trip PLD webinars before field trips as well as web conferences during field trips:

Teachers, at the time of the relevant class or teacher session:

  1. New for 2018-2019: The Zoom Room. Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android at https://core-ed.zoom.us/j/399587551 or iPhone one-tap: New Zealand: +6498011188,,399587551#  or +6448318959,,399587551#
  2. Wait until the Host joins
  3. Introduce yourself
  4. Watch and listen to the shared presentation or web walk-through and the discussion
  5. Ask questions at any time

The LEARNZ team will be there as facilitators, to answer questions about LEARNZ and the relevant field trip(s) and provide technical support if needed. The same platform, Zoom is used for field trip webconferences.

Replay Teacher PLD sessions from previous years.

If you have questions about the sessions, email help@learnz.org.nz.


The purpose of these webinars is to:

  • help first-timers get started with LEARNZ virtual field trips 
  • help teachers who have used LEARNZ before to find out what's new and get more out of a LEARNZ virtual field trip
  • suggest opportunities to integrate a LEARNZ virtual field trip into your teaching and learning programme
  • show how LEARNZ integrates with Vision, Values, Principles and Key Competences of the NZ Curriulum
  • show which Learning Areas are integrated with each field trip
  • show how eLearning with LEARNZ supports 21st Century teaching and learning practices, such as
    • UDL
    • BYOD
    • MLE
    • incusive education
    • cultural capability
    • reflective practice 
    • collaboration
  • answer any questions you may have about LEARNZ

 Find further helpful insights from teachers in testimonials about LEARNZ.